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"Please read the 2 Designs Per Day terms and conditions before placing your order."




The terms and conditions on this website are adapted to suite online business. When placing an order with 2 Designs Per Day, customer accepts the terms and conditions stated below.
All designs on the site are protected by international copyright laws and belongs to 2 Designs Per Day /Lena Holtzberg.



Each design is presented with a price. Discounts are given if:

+ Buyer purchases more than 3 designs.
+ Buyer consents to let 2 Designs Per Day resell the design(s) to another customer dealing with an altogether different product group or/and is selling in another country/market.

Some designs in the shop has already been sold to certain product groups or/and country. Information is available on each design´s product page.

Prices shown at the web site do not include VAT. Depending on buyers location, VAT will be added according to international trading laws. Total amount of purchase is displayed at check-out point.



An invoice will be sent within 48 hours after purchase to the e-mail address entered into the customer's information field at log-in. Please make sure your e-mail address is correctly spelled to avoid delayal in communication. Payment must proceed delivery.



2 Designs Per Day delivers design files via Filemail which is fast, environmentally friendly and free of charge. Please make sure your e-mail address is correctly spelled when entering it into the customer's field. Designs can also be delivered by post on a CD. For physical delivery, an additional fright fee will be added which is shown at check-out point. Cost and delivery time vary depending on buyer´s location. 
The designs sent electronically are delivered within 48 hours after registered payment. 



Design files can not be either returned nor refunded. However, have you received the wrong product or a damaged file, 2 Designs Per Day will substitute the damaged file with an intact one of the same design or with the correct product. Please send any kind of complaint to:



Cookies are used to store customer´s log-in information to enable smooth shopping for returning customers. It is therefore necessary for your web-browser to allow cookies.



In case of a force majeure situation such as technical disturbances on the Internet, sever illness among working staff, strike, cataclysm, war or other circumstance beyond individual control, it may render impossible for 2 Designs Per Day to carry out undertaken actions during the force majeure period. Should such situation occure for a period longer than two (2) months, both parties have the right to cancel the agreement.


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