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It's been a long and winding journey for Lena to arrive at the point where she is today. The lack of self confidence has been a major challenge, holding her back for several years. "I have finally found the true "voice" in my hand and will now allow it to sing its' song."


Meticulously, with laser sharp focus and tireless patience, Lena draws her designs by hand in pencil, promarkers and ballpoint pens, one tiny line after the other. A couple of weeks of work per design is not uncommon. "The technique is definitely time consuming, but I love it! It brings me into a meditative state of flow." Authenticity is a keyword in her work. 

Lena's love for nature is evident in her work. The majority of her designs consist of flora and fauna of some sort. "Whenever I find myself in the midst of an "idea drought", I plunge straight into nature's inexhaustible source of inspiration. It never fails!"


CHICONIQUES grundfilosofi kretsar kring 
The CHICONIQUE studio's entire philosophy revolves around paying tribute to all living creatures inhabiting this beautiful planet which we are furtunate to borrow. 
"I wish to highlight the beauty and importance of biodiversity, by doing what I know best - fine drawing."
Any design project - big or small - involving flora and fauna is considered a delight at the studio. Whether a living room, interior details, a restaurant or lounge, Lena provides both manufacturers and interior designers with striking artworks, designed to create welcoming intimate and luxurious atmosphere to private and public spaces. Thus, you are invited to be a part of Lena's Joyous Creations.
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