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- värd vår respekt



We seem to be facing major challenges as a spiecies here on Mother Earth. Overpopulation, global warming and mass extinctions are problems threatening not only us, but the very existence of all living things. The CHICONIQUE studio's mission is of a strictly personal nature and it's concern is for the environment.
One person's beneficial impact on nature is of course miniscule, like a drop in the ocean. However, it is each of our individual choices which has led up to the point where we are today. Thereby we also have the possibility to reverse the process by making new choices. 
"My personal choice is to become a "permaculturist" and to dedicate the rest of my life to creating habitat for small creatures like bees, butterflies, amphibians, birds and bats."
Each time you invest in a project with the CHICONIQUE studio, you help the studio to invest in nature in the form of nectar rich flower seeds, bee hives, ponds, bird- and bat houses or whatever might seem to be needed at the moment. 
"It is a tiny, tiny, TINY contribution to our planet on my part and I thank you for joining the cause."
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